Six Flags with the second fam :”)

Someday, my heart will thaw

Wrote a new poem! - “Someday my heart will thaw” :)

Maybe someday
I’ll find someone or something
That can make this cage of ice
Surrounding my heart
Finally melt.

And maybe on that day
I’ll finally be able to feel something
After all of this time.
Because I know that before him,
I felt something other than this freezing cold.

I want to remember what it’s like
To be filled with warmth
When someone grabs my hand,
Or to tingle with electricity
At a…

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He Loved Me Anyway.

He Loved Me Anyway.

“Who said I couldn’t love even if I don’t know you? Just who?” He stared at me. I shoved him gently and said to him with a plastered smile and clouded eyes, chuckling mid sentence, trying to play it off like I was joking, but all I really want was to see if he could catch on to my nuance. “I break everything I touch. You just don’t know it yet.” And without even missing a heartbeat, he responded…

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"The ones you can’t have, they shine like a secondary sun pinned to your forehead. Sometimes when the light is warm, it melts your pain away. Those are the times you can almost fool yourself."

Time stands still when you’re nowhere bound.